Chief of Police Gregory Allen Welcomes You


Message from the Chief

A proper relationship between the public and its police, fostered by confidence and trust, is essential if there is to be effective law enforcement.  The public has a right to expect efficient, fair and impartial enforcement of the laws.  Morro Bay Police Officers, other employees and volunteers are committed to performing their duties with the highest standards of conduct and respect for the rights of all citizens.

Police work at all levels is a difficult endeavor.  Unlike private industry, the police do not work with tangible products that can be neatly categorized.  We toil in the field of human behavior; a puzzle which man has never solved.  Neither the police nor any other human service agency can completely understand, nor fully control, the process by which honest men become thieves, intelligent men turn to prejudice and hate, or why crime periodically sweeps across a community.


However, with a strong police/community partnership, we can jointly make a difference.  The only difference between us, the police, and the public is that we are paid to give full-time attention to the duties which are incumbent upon every citizen to perform.  By joining together, we can continue to make the City of Morro Bay one of the best places to live, work and visit. 

Chief Gregory Allen
Phone: 805-772-6284